JESICA is launched to promote new economic explanations of current economic challenges as the world is rethinking economics. While traditional approaches in economics might still be considered useful, it has many limitations in dealing with real issues shaping the economy. These have led to rethinking many traditional notions in economics and policy practices. Therefore, this conference invites all interested participants to discuss contemporary economic challenges from various approaches including the one of institutionalist political economy and real economics. We encourage participants from Asia and Africa to share their ideas about rethinking economics from their perspectives.

Since December 2019, World has suffered from the pandemic of COVID-19 that affects economic sustainability including in Asia and Africa. These crises are different from previous ones such as the one of 1997 in Asia, and 2005 in The United States and 2008 in European Countries. The pandemic of COVID-19 crises have shown the importants of industrial policy such as the one in health sector, monetary financing to finance expenditure, digital economy, and many other things in new normal era. Policy and its implementation among countries are different showing the possibility of stronger polarization of economic sustainability in the future. This situation can be discussed by many works in this conference by presenting paper submissions.

Preliminary Announcement
(Call for Submissions)

This annual conference is to promote and update works on economic sustainability and current economic challenges, and also to increase the awareness of the possibility of different approaches in economics and its methodology.

1. We welcome individual and panel paper submission from international, including ASEAN participants. Papers will be presented in the seminar in November 2021.

2. A few special lectures on current policy priorities will also be included in the programme.

Paper Themes

  1. Growth, governance and institutions
  2. Renewable energy and sustainable development
  3. Agriculture and natural resources
  4. Industrialization and technological change
  5. Sustainable and inclusive finance, including Islamic perspectives
  6. Money, banking and digital currencies
  7. Health, education and human resources
  8. China, India and Asian capitalisms
  9. New international economic relations for Asia and Africa
  10. Enterprises Transformation, including Management and Accounting Perspective

distinguished international speakers and editors

  1. Prof Jomo K.S. (Academy of Science, Malaysia), speaker
  2. Prof Jayati Ghosh (University of Massachusetts Amherst US), speaker
  3. Prof Robert Boyer (Institute des Ameriques France), speaker
  4. Prof Tulus Tambunan (Center fir Industry, SME and Business Competition Studies, Universitas Trisakti, Indonesia), speaker
  5. Prof Oscar Ugarteche (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Mexico), speaker
  6. Prof Dzodzi Tsikata (Institute of African Studies, Ghana), speaker
  7. Prof Olivier Favereau (EconomiX, Paris-Nanterre, France), speaker
  8. Dr. Dianwicaksih Arieftiata SE, Ak, M.Ak, CA, CSRS (UPN Veteran Jakarta, Indonesia), speaker
  9. Dr Fadhil Hasan (Senior Economist, Indonesia), speaker


  1. Universitas SAM Ratulangi
  2. PPPI – Bappenas
  3. CISBUCS, Trisakti
  4. Prisma Resource Center


  1. International Publication : Journal, Proceedings
  2. National Publications
  3. Publications Index : ISSN, SINTA, DOAJ, WOS
  4. Valuable Experience

Important dates

August 31, 2021 : Conference announcement

October 31, 2021 : Submission of papers (extended to November 15); program announcement

December 2-4, 2021 : Conference

Invited Journal to participate

We invite to all journals that are officially or individually interested to participate in this conference.